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Social security benefits aren't just for retirees

Many people think of the social security system as something that's strictly for when you retire from the work force, but that isn't so. If you or a loved one is disabled or have suffered a debilitating injury that has left you severely limited in the type of work you're able to perform or have been rendered unable to work at all, the social security system - the same system you've paid into for years - has benefits available to help you pay bills, maintain your housing, buy food, medical assistance and more.

Many try to file their claims to the social security, disability and / or social security insurance office on their own, only to have their claim denied for one reason or another. If this has happened to you, don't despair. Contact our office and together we'll navigate the complicated legal system to get you the best legal outcome for your unique situation. John P. Kobrin is experienced with local, state and federal social security law.

Get the assistance you need filing your claim

If you or a loved one requires specialized care or to have a caregiver assist with daily activities such as bathing, clothing, housekeeping and other cares, they may be entitled to receive compensation from the social security administration as well. In addition, family members who relied on your income prior to the disability may be entitled to receive some benefits or financial compensation, too.

Your family and caregivers may be entitled, too

You won't be alone at your Social Security / Disability / SSI hearing



Ensure that all parties are taken care of - you, your family and your caregivers may be entitled to receive benefits

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